Aristoteles Grove

Grove of Aristoteles in Stagira of Halkidiki

In the beautiful mountain village of Stagira,into a park with views over all the gulf of Ierissos, is "Aristotele's Grove." The Grove, where for many years there is a statue of Aristotele, has been equipped with interactive instruments. These instruments apply natural phenomena for which there are references in the book of the great Master "Natural".
The grove in four years of operation has become a favourite destination for individual tourists and schools, combining fantastic entertainment with education.
The horizontal sundial indicates the time point where we are. The difference with the official time is 1:25 to 0:25 in summer and winter. Through the curves, except the time we even going through the month.
Each photon (the amount of radiation energy) alone has little power, but when all this gather together at one point the action becomes very large.
The philosophy does not have place, is global and property of mankind. The Aristotelian philosophy has reached all parts of the world and is the starting point of modern scientific thought.
Depending on the weight and mass of each material produced by the shock  a different sound frequency. The 5 granite  correspond to the scale of the ancient quintette.
Optical Drives
When images pass rapidly by the human eye can not perceive the images as different (see Movies)
The energy of one system that starts the oscillation is transferred due to coupling to another system so that the amplitude is reduced at first and grow to the next.
The energy that is given by rotating the lever creates a vortex in the liquid, as the rotational movement of air creates a tornado.
Bullets idle
Transfer of momentum upon impact of the spheres, where maintains the momentum that transferred successively to each until the last.
Parabolic mirrors
The transported through the air sound waves are reflected in parabolic reflector and the energy is concentrated in the center. As reflected the same phenomenon is repeated.
With telescopes, everyone can enjoy better  the fantastic from the Park, overlooking of the Gulf of Ierissos and Athos peninsula.