Welcome to "Hotel Alexandra" in Nea Roda Halkidiki.

It was here that Xerxes of Persians tried on 480p.Ch  to cross the peninsula of Athos constructing the canal (length 2.5 km).

Today, Nea Roda represent a crucial point for accessing the north side of Mount Athos.

Our hotel opened in summer of 1994 and from then to date, 365 days a year, we continue to offer you our best services. From the balconies of the hotel you will enjoy the panoramic view of the village with its small harbor, and moreover the entire Akanthio bay unfold in front of you.

The beach of Nea Roda with the blue sea and the sandy beach will captivate you, while the view of the sunset from the church will carry you away.

Come and let us welcome you by saying:

"Welcome to New Roda, welcome to Hotel Alexandra."

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